Airplane – Cloud



Almost everyone has travelled in airplanes with fixed destinations and precise timing. Can you imagine travelling on a Cloud Airplane? It would be both fun and entertaining to float on clouds. Passing clouds are the new invention by the department of Cultural Affairs of New York city. These clouds are safe and provide a floating sensation for passengers. They climb the clouds with simple ladders and then can have fun. This is a unique and ingenious mode of transportation.

cloud_2The large clouds are actually made up of a steel skeleton that rolls to avoid touching anything while the wind blows. This hard zeppelin airship structure is covered with nylon balloon that provides a good structure for passengers to sit upon. This is an extremely innovative and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Since so much of these Cloud Airplanes depend on the existing air flow, the people are not normally aware of their timing and destinations until they have landed. Despite this, sometimes it is healthy to travel without the tension that normally follows a strict take off and landing schedule.

This unique journey of floating in the atmosphere is difficult to explain. This Cloud Airplane does not require any runways, but is very easy to land in any park or building top. In the future, people might opt for passing clouds that will help them to roam around and leaving all their tensions behind. These clouds help people spend time with nature in such a manner that is very good for the body and mind as well.

Similar projects are running side by side in order to provide a good experience for passengers. As there is no fuel required, so the charges are very minimal. So get ready to try this amazing journey with no destination!