Lake Misurina in Italy



Most people have known Italy because of the Eiffel Tower alone, little did the public know, it has a lot more to offer. A part of that is Lake Misurina. If you are more of an adventurous type, certainly Lake Misurina is for you. There are a lot of nature related activities to choose from like trekking, mountain biking and even skiing during the winter. For those who enjoy fishing this is also perfect for you. The amazing view of the mountain reflecting in the water is certainly perfect for family vacations.

The trekking trail is divided into different difficulty levels. One route would go from Cadini di Misurina to Tre Cime de Lavaredo. Another route is from Villabassa to Longarone. Chairlifts are available during summer and winter. The skiing during winter time is perfect for lovers and family trips too.

Apart from its vast greenery, Misurina is also popular because of its humidity and low antigens found in its air. This place is suitable for those suffering respiratory illnesses.




  1. “Most people have known Italy because of the Eiffel Tower alone,…”
    That is in France. Paris, France. However, Italy does have The Leaning Tower of Piza….