10 Animals Who Desperately Need a Gym Membership


While most of us can admit we could shed a few pounds it seems like we never get around to actually doing the deal. It may make all of us feel a bit better however to know we are not the only species on Earth that needs to lay off the Oreos…or at least the zoo peanuts. Here are ten animals who truly need to count the calories and get in a few more sit ups. Read on and feel better about being human.

1. Even the vet can’t get this cat walkin’…


This black and white feline monstrosity needs much more than a veterinarian. He need gastric bypass surgery, and that’s putting it mildly. When your pet doctor can barely get your cat onto the exam table it really is time to cut back on the Cat Chow, or pizza, or whatever you’re feeding it, for the love of God.

2. It’s a frog who’s lacking leap…


I really don’t even know if this is a frog or a really dirty tennis ball with eyes. It makes no difference; he isn’t sure either, and he’s looking at the guy with the camera out of nothing but sheer embarrassment and shame. Lay off with the lens already and get this big guy something to cover up with.

3. And this sheep simply can’t leap…


Okay, look. If this thing isn’t someone’s pet, then he is preparing to be their culinary delight at some point. Either way, I don’t know if this guy is living the good life or being abused. What do you think?