10 Best Dogs For Children


Watching your favorite movie or television dogs can be quite entertaining but perhaps not the most practical means of selecting the most suitable dog for your family. You will need to decide upon a breed by its personality, size, energy-level and nature in order for it to be best fitted for your family’s everyday way of life. Always keep in mind that when you meet a dog’s breeder/owner you should inquire about as many things as you deem necessary. With that having been said, here are the 10 most child-friendly dog varieties.

1. The Bulldog


For children that enjoy playing a little rough, the Bulldog has a robust build that is very much ideal. It’s not the type of dog that will earn any honors as far as energy levels are concerned, but they are very friendly, faithful and gentle animals. The Bulldog is content to live in larger homes as well as small apartments and they get along quite well with other pets you may have.







  1. Some of these pictures are of horrible situations. Sleeping babies placed on top of the bulldogs, a kid on top of a collie as if it’s a horse. These are not safe situations!!!
    Yes, they make cute pictures, but the safety of a child is so important… Even if it is the most well behaved, most trustworthy dog in the world, it’s still better to be safe than sorry, and avoid such behavior.

    • I agree…babies and children need to learn proper and careful manners in handling any dog. Nobody should expect any pet not to protect itself if accidentally hurt by a child. TRAIN YOUR CHILDREN FIRST!

    • Then why bother with getting a dog or having a child if you have a dog.? Children and dogs are a natural partnership and much safer together than putting you child in a car and going to the supermarket. Our 3 year old sleeps on top of our American pit bull terrier all the time, and they wrestle together every day. She may rough sometimes but the dog was bred to take on large game so he doesn’t mind a child’s rough play and is very gentle in his play back. She is much safer playing with a 45 pound APBT than with another rowdy child. And they are best friends, unlike many children that age that will naturally pull hair, kick or bite back when playing. A strong well behaved dog is an excellent playmate, and a pretty good guardian to. I now know why the APBT is referred to as nanny dog.

    • Why is there always somebody like you replying. Why do you even bother reading things like this if they bother you. A “horrible situation”? Really? Are you serious? Do you just like to invent drama? Go away pest.