10 Best Jobs in the World


1) Paradise Island Caretaker


34-year-old Ben Southall of Petersfield beat out around 35,000 other applicants from all around the globe for this dream job assignment of swimming, exploring and relaxing on Hamilton Island located in the Great Barrier Reef, all while also writing a blog that promotes the area. He was chosen for the gig that pays $111,000 via a 6-month contract where he serves as the caretaker of the tropical Australian island. Southall is now required to live rent-free in the 3-bedroom villa that includes a pool.

Before he got the job, he was required to stay on the island for a 4-day extensive interview process that required the applicants to snorkel throughout the crystalline waters, gorge at a barbecue o the beach and relax at an exclusive spa. He was also required to demonstrate his ability to blog, perform swimming tests and go on a number of in-person interviews.


2) Luxury Bed Tester


A Birmingham City University student has started her ultimate “dream” job! She will be sleeping on her job, as she has been chosen to get paid to test luxury beds for 30 days.

22-year-old Roisin Madigan is being paid £1,000 for sleeping in designer beds each day for 30 days. She is helping out with a “sleep survey” that is being conducted by Simon Horn Ltd., luxury bed specialists. Simon Horn sells luxury Savoir Beds that are made specifically for the Savoy Hotel. Craig Roylance, the company general manager, said that Roisin will be providing an objective review of the beds that are on sale, and will also be a part of looking into what brings on a good night’s sleep. She will be spending 10:00 am to 6:00 pm in the beds located in Simon Horn’s Edgbaston showroom, and will also be blogging all about her personal experiences.