10 Celebrities Who Became Heroes in Real Life


People who watch a lot of movies can recall the different types of heroes who are portrayed on the silver screen. But a hero doesn’t necessarily have to do anything superhuman – it can be helping donate time and money to a good cause for various diseases and programs who focus on trying to help people in need after natural disasters.
Then there are celebrities who actually find themselves being the heroes they sometimes portray in situations where you wouldn’t have blamed them for turning towards the other direction. The following list of celebrities are people who did the unexpected and acted as true heroes without a camera pointing at them.

1. T.I. talks man out of suicide attempt


There was a story that came out about the rapper leaving a recording studio in Atlanta, Ga., and had heard in the news that there was a man who was telling authorities he would jump off the ledge of a 22-story building. The music star recorded a video to tell him that there is nothing in the world that is worth taking one’s own life – asking for the man to come down to speak with him.
The police showed the video and he agreed to not jump and even had a brief chat with T.I., followed by being brought to a nearby medical facility to help with the depression that drove him to that point.


2. Harrison Ford saves hiker


One of the things you might not know about the famous actor is that he lives in Wyoming who is a licensed pilot with his own helicopter, acting as a rescue pilot for hire for each airlift. In one of his missions, there were two female hikers on Table Mountain who called because one fell sick and was not able to get back down the mountain under her own power.
There might have been some people who thought of him as Han Solo coming to the rescue, just the Millenium Falcon is a lot smaller in scale. Even though he didn’t wear the black vest and t-shirt, he definitely pulled off the heroics he’s used to portraying in the Star Wars franchise.