10 Craziest Birthday Gifts These Famous Teens Received


The typical birthday party for a teenager would usually include something small with friends invited, maybe some cake and obviously the presents. There’s always that hope that mom and dad might surprise them with a brand new car so that they can drive in style on their way to school.
Think about the parents of celebrity teenagers who may have much more expensive tastes and that’s partly because they know there is money available. In fact, some of these teenagers have received at least $1 million in their different presents and it’s not just the luxurious cars that have tipped the money scales. In fact, there are even some teens who have received a pair of bicycles that cost around $50,000 – not your normal Huffy bicycle either.
Celebrities that are mentioned in this list have easily found themselves receiving big money items, with a few that might scratch your head because who would have known some of these items were even possible.

10) Kendell Jenner


For her 16th birthday, her mom and manager Kris Jenner wanted to make sure she made it a birthday party to remember by putting together a very large party in Los Angeles while also giving her a $90,000 Range Rover that was brand new and had a lot of technological upgrades. It wasn’t as expensive as her younger sister who would later receive a pricier vehicle from her boyfriend at the time.

9) Selena Gomez


She might have received a much bigger gift if she would have stayed in her relationship with pop singer Justin Bieber since she was treated very well during her birthday parties. There was a plan recently where Bieber decided to rent out the entire Staples Center in Los Angeles for a private screening of the class Titanic. Sure, he was a month late after her birthday, but what can you do when both people in the relationship are on hectic work schedules.