10 Deadly Plants You Can Easily Find in Real Life


There are several benefits that can be found in gardening as a hobby. However, there are some dangers due to a number of common plants that can be very poisonous when handled or consumed in anyway. Consider this list of 10 plants as a warning to those who love to get outside with pruning shears and a spade shovel.

1. Oleander


As it looks a lot like a very beautiful shrub, it can actually contain a large amount of poison that can be extremely dangerous for children. It is commonly found in many school yards because of the purple flowers that bloom from the plant that can grow in various parts of the world. Because the flowers can be quite fragrant, it can be very attractive as an option to your flower bed.
A child who touches a leaf can find themselves experience symptoms rather quickly. Consumption of the plant as an herb can also lead to things like vomiting, diarrhea and painful cramps. The heart rate can also increase to a dangerous level while also leading to other severe issues like seizures, falling into a coma and even dying.


2. Machineel

The flowers that come from this tree are considered some of the most dangerous. In fact, the name is actually Spanish for an apple of death. The fruit can easily be mistaken for red apples that is poisonous. However, the entire tree creates a whitish sap during rainfall that can cause skin irritation. Burning the wood from this tree also releases a toxic gas that can lead to losing sight and having breathing issues.
Locals in the areas where these trees can be found in Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean islands and other parts of North and Central America are known to mark the trees and leave warning signs to not eat the “apples” or touch the tree at all.