10 Famous Celebrities Who Look Like Pets


Have you ever noticed how pets look like their owners? Well, this takes that whole viewpoint to another level. Here are ten famous stars who not only look like pets, they look like pets in general. Hopefully our descriptions give you the edification and education you deserve in order for you to really see the truth of the situation: These celebrities look like they could easily be pets!

1. Josh Hartnett


What do we see here? Do it look a bit like…a Golden Retriever? While the dark hair may throw us off a bit all of us can see the uncanny resemblance to those hippie-looking dogs we all love so much. And he seems to have achieved the carefree spirit these canines capture so well!

2. Taylor Lautner


We may not see here all the things we would like, but here we have…an alpaca? Really? Yep, that’s the bottom line. While he is a hottie in real life the fact remains that this guy closely resembles a herding, spitting mammal of the grossest form. Just observe the pics, and you don’t have to get close to get the job done.

3. Dog, the Bounty Hunter


We all know this guy, mostly from catching and hauling in the crooks, but the fact is that Dog could get a job as King of the Beasts easily on a sunny day with that long, flowing mane of blonde hair. The fact remains, he is a pseudo-celebrity/crime fighter, so we should probably keep our opinions to ourselves.

4. Hitler


Okay, we may be taking a risk by making this comparison, but the fact remains that if you hold these two pics up together what we have is twins. Hopefully the feline has a better heart and mind than our endearing dictator and murderer here.

5. Tina Turner


Have you ever enjoyed the company of a chow-chow? Well, now you can, and all you have to do is slip on “What’s Love got to do with It” and you have a winner! Tina Turner’s signature ‘do will force feed Chow love down your throat, and that with a little rhythm indeed.