10 Insane Airplane Facts That Will Make You Think Twice Before Hitting the Tarmac


Let’s face it: flying is a stressful as hell. You wake up early to wait 2 hours in line at security. Clear TSA. Grab some coffee and get on the plane and OH what’s that?! Was that a thump? Is the plane supposed to squeak? That pilot sure has a lot of Starbucks … is he tired? What if we CRASH?! The upside is that this happens to everyone. The downside is that this list is only going to freak you out more.

You’re Not Going Crazy, Flights Are Getting Bumpier


Experts say that mild to intense turbulence increasing with each year. By 2050 it’ll be 40% worse than it is now. You can blame Global Warming. CO2 is rising to a dangerous level in the air making each flight bumpier and bumpier.

Bring A Child Seat Or Don’t Bring Your Child


If you have a toddler under the age of two, you have the choice to have them sit your lap instead of buying a seat just for them. And I get it. You save some massive bling by not buying another seat and lugging around one more heavy thing through security is hell. But if the place gets a strong gust of turbulence or worse, a crashes there is a good chance little Billy isn’t going to make it sitting on your lap. You might think your titan grip might save them, but it is not strong enough. In the event of a crash it won’t be your adrenaline or mother’s instinct that protects little Billy, but a child seat.