10 Most Scary Things for Humans


What sends fright in you? As humans, we all are afraid of one thing or another. It is human nature to react to danger or what we perceive as evil, something that is intent on harming us. In many times, it is even something that we are incapable of protecting ourselves from.

By definition, fear is an emotion that everyone experiences as a result of seeing or feeling danger or evil coming to them. It can cause anxiety in many people. The reactions differ from one individual to another. Sometimes, you want to face the impending evil or danger, but sometimes all you want to do is get yourself away from that danger.

Overall, we all are fearful of one thing or the other and we react differently. Let us take a look at the top 10 most fearful or scary things. These can be living things, situations or imaginary things.

1. Flying


No matter what the guarantee of safety is, flying comes on the list of the things that many people are afraid of. This can be flying on an airplane or in a helicopter. However, for some people the fear of flying, also known as aerophobia, is so serious or strong that they cannot even think about the idea of flying at all. People with such a condition will not travel by air. Just the thought of it will give them a lot of distress and anxiety. This condition can, however, be controlled through therapy and prescription of drugs. Aerophobic people can also mediate this condition by reading self-help books that explain on how to cope with the situation. There are also specially made audio CDs that assist in behavior modification of an individual with aerophobia.





  1. i am terrified of snakes and heights but the number one fear i have is snakes. I started having the fear im kindrgarten and it gradually became a full on fear that egen if i see something lile a type of.lizard or reptile that has any feature of a snake i bolt the other direction and scream and cry and my heart goes to my brain lol. the ppl who bring snakes to santa monica i litterally pee my.pants cause im not paying attention and they are exactly RIGHT THERE

  2. i am afraid of flying, heights, spiders and death, im also afraid of a lot more that isnt mentioned on this site

  3. I thought I was nuts with my fear of thunderstorms. Mine stems from a telephone pole directly across from where I used to live (age 5) being hit by lightning.

  4. You left off the biggest one: Life-stealing slideshows that lure foolish visitors to forfeit precious irreplaceable minutes of their limited time on earth by clicking over and over for no benefit beyond viewing every individual item of a useless list that could have easily fit on one fucking page. . . .