10 Must See Horror Movies before Halloween


The first leaves have fallen and the pumpkin spiced latte is here. That can only mean one thing…Halloween is coming! And everyone know’s that Halloween means one thing– horror movies. So here are the ten best horror movies to celebrate your fright night with:

10. 28 Days Later


This is no typical zombie movie! Danny Boyle’s fresh take on the genre follows a group of misfits struggling to survive 28 days after an incurable and mutating virus is unleashed on Great Britain. The zombie-like infected inhabit all main areas of the country, leaving them little option other than to fight their way out.

9. Alien


This space-age film is a merging of sci-fi and horror. The movie follows the crew of a spaceship that was called to a distant planet on a rescue mission. They find the ship that they were meant to save, but can see no sign of the crew. During their reconnaissance they come across a new and deadly alien lifeform. Now they must get out before it’s too late.

8. The Shining


A classic horror movie with a classic plot. Jack Torrance is an aggravated writer longing for is in search for a place where he can write in peace. He moves his to a place called the Overlook Hotel in hopes to overcome his mental block. As Jack’s writing goes nowhere his mind begins to unravel and soon the hotel become a terrifying and insane place.

7. Game of Death (2006)


A salesman takes part in a reality show to pay off his debt. He must complete 13 tasks to get $100 million dollars, but as time goes by each task are gets progressively more menacing and deadly.