10 of the Best Magic Tricks You’ve Ever Seen!


We all love to watch a good magic trick. Some of them are far more entrancing than others, but it can be truly difficult to get to watch one that we haven’t seen before, or at least a variation thereof. Well, here is a pleasant surprise for you! Here are ten of the most mind-blowing magic tricks ever done, and you will be as shocked and amazed as everyone else when you get a load of them. Read on to learn about…

1. The ‘Twice-Caught Bullet’ Trick


Maybe you have seen, either in person or on television, a magician that caught a bullet in their teeth. Well, magicians and their assistants go to extremes to prove to audiences that no illusion is taking place, including allowing someone from the audience to mark the bullet. Penn & Teller pull this trick off here by catching it twice, and neither is allowed to come near the other during the implementation of the trick. Check it out!

2. Being Sawn in Half


You have probably observed this trick, but magician David Copperfield, who is known for taking his audience’s breath away, pulls this off on an entirely new level. He is imprisoned by a variety of manacles, and then put into a box. At that point the saw is set to motion and the sides of the box give way to the end result. The blade goes through his body first, and then the audience can see that his body is obviously in two halves. The funny thing is that he is still able to direct the trick entirely. Soon, the halves rejoin, the saw lifts, and the box closes into one solid piece. Voila! David Copperfield in one piece!