10 Sexiest Female Tennis Players Ever


8. Ana Ivanovic


Some believe that after Anna Kournikova had retired there was a different Ana that immediately filled her shoes and has managed well to keep men intrigued by women’s tennis. Serbian tennis pro Ana Ivanovic is just over six feet tall and was previously ranked as No. 1 in the Women’s Tennis Assocation.
Ana has dated some of sports most suitable bachelors and has been seen in various magazines. She possesses an aggressive playing style and she presently holds a ranking of No. 156 in the doubles category. Ana is a former world’s number 1 that has a Grand Slam and Roland Garros accredited to her name. She peaked in 2008 but has been struggling to regain her form and has had trouble on her serve and mental game mindset. Fortunately for her, regardless of whether she wins or loses, she still looks sweet and adorable.







    • Lol Gorilla on Steroids Mate.How insulting ! yes she is not the most Beautiful Girl on the list but then wats the definition of beutiful ? Wat you grew up seeing on a magazines or TV ? But i wont blame you tht that youre not able to see beauty beyond wats there , like those puzzling art works to the common eye.Serena is Unique & You Mate have a simple eye for beauty which means of it was math you would get an E for the inability to see the diffirent forms of it.

    • In the face the rest look better but Williams….Anna, and Sharapova are the only ones that look like females in plain clothes….The rest could pass for teenage boys

    • Yes I suppose you pretend to go for pale , flat ass, no lips, chicken smelling , stringy 12 year old boy body types, and all these white girls will have wrinkles and crows feet by the time they turn 30, Sharapova already has hair on her face and wrinkles, looks 38 ., but every one knows white people age 10 times more then people of color, thats a fact.

      • It does not matter if a girl is 28 or 38 if she is beautiful. But putting Williams on the list as number 1 is ridiculous and absurdous

  1. I’m not one for subjective lists, especially when ranking athletes by physical appearance over athletic abilities. But I was curious, and while there is no arguing this list does, indeed, have some very attractive women, I cannot help but notice it is made up of mostly contemporary tennis pros. And since the title is “10 Sexiest Female Tennis Players Ever,” I am disappointed to see a lack of depth. To exclude Chris Evert, Gabriela Sabatini, or Daniela Hantuchova from the list in favor of more recent representatives seems a bit myopic in scope.

  2. First and foremost, there is nothing serene about Serena Williams. Just ask the little Asian (grandmother) line judge who called a foot foul on Serena a few years ago. How’d you like to have Serena threaten to kill you while shaking her racquet at you? Serena had to be 4 or 5 times the size of the line judge. Pitiful.
    Second, how come the first photo under the heading, “3. Maria Kirilenko” is of Maria Sharapova?

    And 3rd, I agree with the other “bill.” Why not Ms. Chris Evert, among others from a different era?

  3. all list is politically correct; top 10 is an absolute hypocrisy; and, the author knew it, but, nevertheless, he did it; hope he got some money, by compromising

  4. well goes to show how much the person who did this list knows,# 7 is 4 different chicks,might even be 5 cant tell on the first one

  5. I’ve looked at the first 2 and so far, neither belong on the list. If Elena Dementieva is hot, we need to see some hotness….

  6. Worst judgement on a list ever ! Someone didn’t do their research, This is supposed to be a list of all time tennis beauties? Some glaring omissions…..Gabriela Sabatini, Daniela Hantuchova, Anna Chakvetadze, and Amanda Coetzer to name a few.

  7. This may be the worst list I have ever seen. First of all Serena Williams is not even the hottest Williams sister and probably not in the top 1,000 of all time. Seriously, I would rather look at a centerfold of Arantxa Sanchez Vicario. Kournikova is hands down the #1, with Ivonivic a close 2nd. If you are talking about in the entire history, does anyone remember Caroline Basset Seguso? Silly! How about Gabriela Sabatini, she was considered one of the best looking women period, during her time, not even in sports, but period! Dementieva, come on man are kidding me? How about Sorana Cristea? Please go out and buy some glasses, get some contacts or laser eye surgery and revise your list. For all men on the planet, this is an embarassment.

  8. Sorry, but without Gabriela Sabatini — not just on the list, but in the No. 1 spot — this compilation is silly and invalid. Serena Williams is beautiful, Ana Ivanovic is gorgeous, and Maria Sharapova is even better … but everyone on this list pales in comparison to Sabatini.

  9. Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder and I ain’t never that drunk. Dang, that’s ugly, seen better heads on pimples and the ass end looks like it belongs on a Buick. Shudder.

  10. It’s not a bad list. Serena is subjective to be on the
    list and for sure not #1. Dementieva is fabulous, beautiful face and
    hottest body ever on the WTA. Harkleroad definitely belongs higher up on
    the list. Others like Kiralenko, Sharapova, Ivanovic are OK. Kournakova
    is good but overrated. Chrissy Everett in her day should
    be on the list.

  11. Sorry, I didn’t bother to waste my time and look at the other 9 after Serena made your top 10. Please. She is anything but sexy.

  12. Who the hell did this list. #1 is laughable. Also for #7 they have a fricken picture of Anna Kournikova for Ashley Harklerroad????????, Jesus

      • wow…you one mature and witty individual. what are you like 10? use that kind of rubbish at school where somebody may take you seriously….

          • no it’s called being frank.
            and it would have been racist to say that all blacks look like gorillas. i said she just looks like a gorilla because she is humongous. i guess you have a very warped idea of what the word racist means. i ‘d suggest reference a dictionary before you use English words. doesn’t seem your forte.

  13. Are you blind or just trying to be pc. serena looks like she is only a generation or two from swinging through the jungle. No, I’m not talking about Jane.

  14. Williams its totally not attractive I think she should be playing against men not woman if im being honest

  15. Wow! This is a joke right? A. Kournikova and M. Sharapova are at the bottom of the list and Caroline Wozniacki is NOT even on the list? Did this writer just pick names out of a hat? Williams may be #1 at tennis and is attractive but not even close to #1 sexiest Female tennis player

  16. Stopper reading after #1. She is not even good enough to be LAST on the list.

    I have personal knowledge from a trusted source back in the late 90’s early 2000’s they were both virgins for a long time because no guy would hit it. Not even over a big pile of cash. Once again – NO GUY in the tennis world would touch it. And that was when they were younger…

    I think she found some giggalo weirdo to hit it later on..

    Brainwashing journalism just went too far who was this written by and how much did she pay them lol

  17. 10 Sexiest female players ever? You guys are right, whoever put this list together got paid off. Gabriela Sabatini just to name one would put all of these women to shame when she was dressed up. These players are of this years current and Williams # 1 must be a joke.

  18. Williams number 1? Really? Not even close, Sharipova and Kournikova, and all other women on this list are ahead of her.

  19. Serena Williams looks like a female gorilla to me, an extraordinary tennis champion who is extraordinarily unattractive.

  20. How come the pictures of all the girls other then Serena and the girl from India is up to date, and the pale girls are when they are like 16 to 20 years old?

  21. Serena is pretty…in face, but her body is massive, including her bubble ass. C’Mon if you think all those Hot European Tennis chicks are not way more attractive than Serena’s Man-Like muscle bound BIG ass ASS. She is a Rapper’s dream, but a average Man’s “turn-OFF”

  22. To: Tom Jon Bon, Your opinion is rude and should be kept to yourself. A gentlemen doesn’t behave as you have. Please grow up and be more gracious. If you don’t find Serena attractive then refrain from this thread. Wait until you have something positive to contribute before participating.