100 Pictures Taken by Homeless People Who Were Given Cameras To Take Pictures Of What Mattered Most To Them


The Cafe Art has created a special project in order to help homeless people better express themselves. This organization gave out 100 disposable cameras to 100 homeless people. They then asked the homeless people to go out and take a picture of both the city of London and what matters most to them in life.

The project was called “My London.” Of the 100 cameras, 80 were returned and over 2,500 pictures were developed. Cafe Art then took the 13 best images and made them into a calendar. This calendar was then used to help raise awareness about the homeless and to help people better understand the struggles that homeless people face.

Below are all of the images that the Cafe Art organization chose to feature in their project:


(This image won the hearts of virtually everyone who saw it. The picture went on to become the cover photo for the 2016 “My London” calendar. Photo credited to ROL.)


(Known as “Telephone Row, Lincoln’s Inn” this image was praised for its vibrancy and stunning visuals. Almost as soon as they saw it, the Cafe Art group knew they had to use it in their calendar. Photo credited to XO.)


(Titled “Left Boot, East London” this image made a big impact on its viewers. It was immediately snatched up and prominently displayed in the Cafe Art calendar. Photo credited to: Ellen Rostant)


(This photo was taken by the same person who photographed “Left Boot, East London.” Known as “Nature’s Tunnel, or Light at the End, Stratford” it has an outdoors theme that reflects some of London’s natural elements. Photo credited to: Ellen Rostant.)