12 Extremely Emotional Animals (Video)


If there is one thing that animals have shown is that they are very sincere with their emotions and usually wear them on their sleeves for all to see. Whether it is anger or happiness, they act the way they feel and aren’t usually able to hide those emotions easily.
It’s one of the things we truly like about animals, because they often provide cute and memorable moments we like to capture in pictures or videos. The following are 12 examples of animals showing their true feelings in these emotional moments; all of which should provide a little boost for your own personal happiness.


Sometimes, we all need a good hug and this baby elephant looks like he really had a tough day at the zoo. It’s a moment that can be understood by people who have had days where they just need someone to show that they are there with a pat on the back and a shoulder to rest their head on.


This one is a two-parter because the bird is providing a death glare towards these puppies; another thing that many of us might do when someone or something is bothering us. The second thin to note is that these puppies look very scared of what the bird is going to do, like the people in the office when the supervisor walks in looking very displeased at his team.


Maybe the face of fear from this pug shows how much he hates having his ears cleaned by his owners. The only other reason is that this puppy can read and saw the letters v-e-t on the top of the bottle.


How often do females get nervous getting on that weight scale? While this female lion cub probably isn’t scared of what it’s going to say, it’s funny how this cub looks scared during a checkup at a zoo.