12 Most Calorie-heavy Foods That Will Stop Your Heart


Even the most clean eaters enjoy a little treat as a cheat meal and it seems that people enjoy being able to create massive food creations that can tip the scales not just in weight, but in total calories consumed in that one sitting. We provide a dozen options that bring in the most calories you will ever see on a single plate.

World’s meatiest sandwich


We’ve all thought about having a giant sandwich that rivals some of the ones formed on cartoons that looked like a tower of meats, cheese and vegetables that would realistically burst one’s belly. You can thank British chef Tristan Welch for bringing that type of sandwich to life with a 28-pound sandwich that features more than 30 different kinds of eat.

Pork fatty


People like to upgrade their hot dogs in a variety of ways, but one of the most unique versions of the ballpark classic is having hot dogs and chili wrapped in sausage and surrounded by a bacon weave blanket. It sounds delicious, but would likely allow you to meet your body’s yearly need for saturated fat in just one sitting.

Deep fried Oreos


Being able to make one of America’s favorite cookies and frying it with a sweet breading and covered in powdered sugar can be a dessert that makes you feel like you are committing a sin. However, this is something you may only be able to have this treat only once a year; maybe every six months; without gaining a lot of weight.



  1. ok, while most of these concoctions are just too many calories…lets get over the fat makes you fat/cholesterol gives you heart attacks lies. the most deadly substance we eat way too much of is SUGAR.