15 Awesome Car Gadgets That Will Take Your Commute To The Next Level (Video)


There’s nothing worse than being stranded at the side of the road. Not only can problems like flat tires or dead batteries be frustrating, but they can also endanger your life.
Luckily, there are ways to solve these problems fast and safely. Several companies have started to produce high-end equipment that can make it faster, safer, and simpler for you to get around.
Below are 15 incredible car gadgets that are sure to improve your commute and make driving easier.

1. Dashboard Camera

dashcam These gadgets pull double duty.
Not only is a dashboard camera great for recording scenic drives and memorable outings, but it can also save you from expensive legal fees.
You can use your dashboard camera to record car accidents and prove that you’re a safe driver. If you’re ever in a fender-bender, just use this device’s footage to show that you were innocent.

2. Smartphone Holder

smartphone_mount Checking your smartphone while driving is dangerous. Even if you are looking at your phone for directions, you’re still endangering your life.
Don’t risk it. Stop checking your phone and start using this holder instead.
A smartphone holder lets you keep your phone’s navigation system (like maps or a GPS) on your dashboard and right where you can see it.

3. Portable Jump-Starter

portable_jumper_starter_kit A dead battery can be frustrating and dangerous. Especially if there’s no one around to help.
Because of this, you’ll want to be self-reliant. And the best way to do so is with a portable jump-starter kit.
Simply hook the device’s clamps to your car, and the kit’s built-in battery will give you a jump.