15 Greatest Speed Records Compilation


The principal of speed appeals to the competitive disposition inherent to human impulse. In the days of Darwinian Theory the faster someone was – the less likely they were to be eaten. Concurrently mating selection would favor them due to a stronger physical prowess. These simple laws have produced an obsession with speed and strength. The Olympics have been around for approximately 3000 years demonstrating how long humans have pursued physical competition. With the advent of the motor vehicles, people all over have honored the timeless tradition of the pursuit of the quickest and the fastest speeds. Out of the top 15 speed records, 5 are unmotorized and 10 utilize motorized vehicles. It is interesting to note that of the records demonstrate the peak of human development, success, ingenuity, and in even pushing the envelope of insanity.

Speed of the Fastest Swimmer: 5.34 mph (8.6 km/hr)


At the French Championships in Montpelier, France, French swimmer Frédérick Bousquet set a world record on April 26, 2009, with the 50 m freestyle with a time of 20.94 seconds. He swam at an average speed of 5.342 mph (8.6 km/hr) and gained the record of fastest recorded human swimming. A sailfish can swim at speeds up to 68 mph (110 km/h) or about 90 body lengths per second, which demonstrates the inadequacy of the human body for swimming

Fastest Sprinting Speed: 27.278 mph (43.9 km/hr)


On August 16, 2008, Usain Bolt set a world record 100 m time at 9.69 seconds. Using 10 m splits, it was determined that in the seconds between 60 m and 70 m, he was clocked at an average speed of 27.278 mph (43.9 km/hr). The previous top speed record holder was Donovan Bailey who clocked in at 27.067 mph (43.56 km/hr).

Fastest Unpaced Biking Speed: 82.33 mph (132.5 km/h)


When something moves quickly through air it creates air currents. The larger the object the greater the current. The world record for paced biking is 167 mph, but it is unimpressive due to the motorized assistance given by the truck. The top speed for an unmotorized, unpaced bicycle is far more impressive. On September 18th, 2008) in Battle Mountain, NV -Sam Whittingham achieved a speed of 82.33 mph (132.5 km/h on a Varna Diablo III bike. Impressive for a vehicle solely powered by a human.