15 Stunt Doubles Who Are Hotter Than Their Celebrity Counterparts


10. Peter James Gray, Double To: Jamie Dornan


To make this list more balanced, we’re including one male actor. Peter James Gray filled in for Jamie Dornan on the set of Fifty Shade of Grey.
This doubling work is actually quite funny, because the double was too embarrassed to initially admit his involvement.
Peter James Gray was worried that being associated with the film would hurt his prospects at landing serious roles in the future.

11. Rachel Kylian, Double To: Gabrielle Union


Appearing in several big hits, including Jurassic World, Rachel Kylian has launched a successful career for herself.
The actress has doubled for Gabrielle Union in Being Mary Jane, and has her own independent career as a model and dancer. In addition to all this, Kylian is also playing bit parts in several TV shows.
For a double who is new to the scene, Kylian has already made a big splash and her future seems bright.

12. Samantha Jo, Double To: Eva Green


Born in small town Canada, Samantha Jo grew up to become one of the world’s most talented martial artists. Jo was so successful, the she even participated in the Olympics.
Her skills have also proved useful outside of competitive events too. In 2006, Jo worked as the stunt double for Eva Green is Casino Royale. And she filled in for Green again during the production of 300: Rise of an Empire.
Jo does her own film roles too. She’s appeared in Man of Steel, and will be playing a big role in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.