15 Stunt Doubles Who Are Hotter Than Their Celebrity Counterparts


13. Monica Cruz, Double To: Penelope Cruz


Monica Cruz and Penelope Cruz look so similar it’s almost scary. This is because they are sisters. When Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was being filmed, Penelope was pregnant. Because of this, she had Monica double for her during action scenes.
Monica’s done more than fill in for her sister too. The actress is has starred in movies of her own, and works as a dancer in Spain.
Monica and Penelope also insist that there’s no rivalry or hard feelings between them. Instead, both sister’s are supportive of one another.

14. Chloe Goodman, Double To: Cameron Diaz


Chloe Goodman is a literal body double. During the filming of The Counselor, starring Cameron Diaz, Goodman stepped in to play Diaz’s butt double.
This isn’t the only time that Goodman has portrayed another actress’ body. She’s also doubled as Cheryl Fernandez-Versini in an ad for L’Oreal. On top of all this, Goodman also has a successful acting career of her own.
This model and actress has appeared on serval reality TV shows including Big Brother and Ex on the Beach.

15. Rosie Mac, Double To: Emilia Clarke


Believe it or not, but there is someone else gorgeous enough to be the stunt double for Game of Thrones’ star, Emilia Clarke.
Rosie Mac shocked the world when she became Clarke’s double during the fifth season of Game of Thrones. The two look practically identical and are both brunettes. However, on the show Clarke and Mac don blonde wigs in order to play their characters.
While Mac does double for Clarke in many of the show’s scenes, there have been a few surprising instances where she hasn’t. Most notably, the Game of Thrones nude, which was handled entirely by Clarke.