16 Photographic Examples That Proves the Laws of Physics Are Wrong


Laws are designed to be obey and no one likes the type of people who are more willing to scoff towards them. The only exception is when something cool happens, like the ones focused on the laws of nature; don’t try thinking you can be cool breaking manmade laws like the ones of the road – it’s not going to end well for anyway.
But there’s always intrigue and applause for those who are able to find ways to bend the laws of physics; proving that there are some things your science teacher in high school said was impossible are in fact possible. However, it’s also interesting how what we think is impossible – depending on odds and the angles of things falling into the right place – can be done.
Everyone has seen a boulder fall down a slope, bouncing around as it rolls to safety. But have it hanging from above and held by just a thing piece of rope and people are interesting in how there’s a loophole in the laws of gravity; sometimes making Isaac Newton wrong.
But what might be surprising is that people are sharing examples more often than we once thought, leaving us wondering how some of these people are pulling it off.


For example, this looks like it would be very difficult for everyone to get down without hurting themselves. Hopefully that is a well padded floor.


The ability to keep the liquid in these glasses, but we’re curious how they expect to get it out without the use of paper towels.


Seeing how ice can form like this can be quite hypnotic, hoping to see it eventually fall and crash.


Oh don’t mind this helicopter’s subtle drop off while not breaking stride.