17 of the Ugliest Celebrities


We see them in movies, magazines, and on television, and we tell ourselves ‘If this…person…can be famous, why can’t I?’ Obviously it takes much more than beauty to calm the hungry masses; talent does play something of a part, as does luck and timing. Here are seventeen of the most mind-bogglingly ugly celebrities walking the planet Earth today. See how these pan out for your thought process.

1. Rachel Dratch


This ‘Saturday Night Live’ alum is one funny gal…funny looking! Don’t worry, her face doesn’t scare. She is simply ‘common’ looking compared to those we typically see in the limelight today.


2. Tori Spelling


This one has always blown me away, and I deduce she acquired her fame riding father Aaron’s shirttails. A beauty queen she is not, but a lot can be said for gorgeous hair helping you pull off a look.




  1. I would love to know what the author of this article looks like. These celebrities may not be the ideal image of beauty in Hollywood, but to call them out as being ugly is just disgusting! Most of them have more talent than YOU, who is hiding behind a keyboard and pretending to be a journalist and spending your days calling out others to overcompensate for your pitiful excuse for a life. In my opinion, the writer of this article is the UGLIEST one of all!

    And to put quotes around “weight” for Rosie O’Donnell is very tacky (and I don’t even like her one bit). SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

  2. Wow, this is fucking body shaming at it’s finest. Just because you’re stuck writing click baity bullshit doesn’t give you the right to be a total a-hole.

  3. You can add Weird Al Yankovic (or whoever he is, I can’t really spell his name). He is one of the scariest celeb I’ve ever known

  4. Tori Spelling ….ugly???? Mygosh I d marry her in a heartbeat,love,keep her forever and I d provide for her too,the rest of the list I agree,but Tori doesn t belong in this list…those mesmerizing eyes and luscious lips Oh lala,she s got it going on.

  5. How about replace Kelly Osborne with Steve Buscemi. I think Kelly’s nowhere CLOSE to ugly! In fact, she’s quite attractive in my opinion.