20 World’s Sexiest Female Gymnasts


It’s not a secret anymore; men like to watch gymnastics to see strong woman wearing tight costumes. That doesn’t mean we don’t respect the athleticism they have to possess just to be able to compete in the various events that require high levels of stamina and can take a toll on the body – including the vault, balance beam and floor exercises.
With all of that considered, there are a number of women who are stunning and will come from various countries – including U.S., Russia and Austria. The 20 on this list are all toned, strong and are likely able to kick each of our butts in the gym. Some of the names on this list are easily recognizable, but there are a few lesser-known names that will become new common Google searches.

20) Kristina Baskett


Hailing from the Evergreen State in Washington, this beauty with dark hair and brown eyes has plenty of medals and a full-ride scholarship to the University of Utah. While being very athletic, she is also very smart with a degree in mass communications with a specialty in electronic journalism. She presently works as a stunt double for major motion pictures in Los Angeles while also having a number of commercials and live shows for both Sea World and Cirque du Soleil. You can also find her in several major advertising campaigns for brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma.

19) McKayla Maroney


After being known for her performance in the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London at the young age of 19, she is now a lot more mature with plenty of competitive experience that includes the U.S. National Championships and World Championships. She was a key player in helping the United States win the gold medal in 2012 while she also earned an individual siler medal in the vault. She has since added some acting experience in television shows Hart of Dixie and Bones.

18) Nastia Liukin


Speaking of some of the best Olympic gymnasts, Liukin was Russian-born and moved to the United States when she was only two years old. The beautiful blonde has earned herself a spotlight on the gymnastics stage while having a family history in the sport to go along with a family history in the looks department. Because of that, she has been able to easily adapt to the world of modeling with the long, lean body that fits well into the camera frame.