21 Shocking and Amazing Facts about China


There are many, many things we are unaware of when it comes to countries which are foreign to us, and China is definitely one of them, whether you know it or not. To prove my point, here are twenty-one facts about the country which you probably didn’t know, and you may be surprised at some of them. Read on to learn some brand new, and very enlightening, information.

1. Pedestrian Cell Phone Lanes


Wanna scroll while walking? Well, you will need to use the lanes on the sidewalk which are designated for this specifically.

2. Needles in Soldier’s Collars


These are used to keep them standing straight-backed and at attention. That way they don’t get stabbed in the neck!

3. Longest Traffic Jam


Shanghai boasts this record, with a traffic jam that was ninety-nine kilometers in length, or nearly sixty-one and one- half miles. The jam lasted a whopping twelve days!

4. Arms up!


When marching military police must raise their arms to a specified length, which is marked off by a wire.

5. What’s for dinner?


Every year the Chinese consume more than 4,000,000 felines as regular food fare.



  1. what do you mean they get rid of thousands of female children each year, i know way back in history they would spear children to control population, and were only allowed one child, but now? they may be restrictions still but im sure not as extreme as going around and killing their children….yes i know world atrocities still happen but i dont believe this from china

    • it’s the opposite to what they did in Romania. during the Communism period in Romania, they would give more money and benefits to the families with many kids so that they could maintain and have fresh workforce. In China, due to overcrowding and overpopulation, there is a 1 child limit per family, preferably a son in order to be able to maintain population that they can feed and look after. too many (which in the chinese case is already too many) would mean higher poverty, lower food resources and a lot less space than it already is.

      • They lifted the 1 child ban in most of the country because of the overwhelming disparity in the number of boys vs girls. Its gotten to the point that there are thousands of boys to each girl so human trafficking has hit an all time high of women and girls being kidnapped throughout the country and from neighboring countries and then being sold in China as brides. Domestic violence and sexual assault have also sky rocketed.

    • Things are improving as far as kids are concerned in China these days. There is a middle class that is establishing itself in China these days (thanks to all of the manufacturing jobs that U.S. Industries are moving there). They’ve lifted the one-child limits in many parts of the country. There are probably a few gender-based infanticides that occur here and there, but even in their darkest days, infanticides were not ever a common practice.

  2. #1-Completely False
    #7-The ban was officially lifted in July
    #10- Stupid…they simply have specially designated parking spots if you want to sit in your car and eat. McDonald’s have this feature all over the world.
    #11- Try one sixth of a cigarette_ http://www.myhealthbeijing.com/china-public-health/a-day-in-beijing-is-like-smoking-only-one-sixth-of-a-cigarette-its-almost-disappointing/
    #18- WRONG! Paid content is blocked in China by Google..They can only download the same stuff (Music, apps, etc.) that is free to everyone else in the world
    #21- Totally misleading. The practice of pre-natal sex determination and sex-selective abortions for non-medical reasons are illegal, and they don’t “get rid” of female children.

  3. female babies are left to die in infancy. girls have to have a dowry boys do not. boys inherit everything girls get nowt. most of this is still happening today especially in rural areas.