25 Most Unbelievable Coincidences


While the day-to-day coincidences we experience may not push the limits of scientific explanation, some coincidences just can’t be explained with numbers. Here are 25 of the most unbelievable things that have happened throughout history.

1. Mr. Bryson’s Hotel Room


Topping off our list is the story of two men, who stayed in the same hotel room immediately after one another. An, no they didn’t just have the same last name; a Mr. George D Bryson had just left his hotel room at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky when the next patron, a Mr. George D Bryson walked in to check in to the same room!

2. Musical Chairs with Houses


Musician George Handel, composer of the famous Messiah chorus, lived in 23 and then 25 Brook Street in London. 200 Years later, Jimi Hendrix also lived in 23 and then 25 Brook Street. Clearly, the vibrations of the universe aligned on these two homes!

3. Always Look Both Ways


A Finnish man decided to ride his bike across highway 8 and tragically he was hit by a truck as he crossed, dying instantly. In a seemingly-impossible turn of events, his twin brother also decided to cross highway 8 on his bicycle 2 hours later. The second man was also hit by a truck as he crossed, dying a mere 1.5 km away from his brother.

4. Arthur Gordon Pym


This novel, written by Edgar Allen Poe has just about as morbid a plot as you would expect from Poe: after days of drifting at sea, 4 shipwrecked sailors decide to eat the cabin boy, named Richard Parker. In 1884, only a few years after Poe’s story was published, 4 survivors of the shipwrecked Mignonette decided after a few days of drifting at sea to eat the cabin boy, Richard Parker.

5. Pleased to Make Your Acquaintance


On a train in Peru, three Englishmen got to know one another. After talking for a few minutes one introduced himself as Mr. Bingham, the second introduced himself as Mr. Powell, and the third, in a somber tone, introduced himself as Mr. Bingham-Powell.