3 Amazing Airplane Hotels



The concept of an airplane hotel is a sensational one, and causing quite a stir. Do not worry about boarding passes or flying delays in these airplanes. Three retired planes have been converted into luxury hotels aimed exclusively at comfort. These hotels are a great way to spend vacations and also provide beautiful vistas. These unique hotels take their passengers on a great holiday with a journey of luxury, comfort, and relaxation. These innovative hotels attract tourists from around the world, despite the fact that only three hotels exist.



Airplane Suite in Teuge

This airplane was designed to help the government in Netherlands, but is now converted into a spectacular hotel. There is a perfect luxury suite for two guests that helps them to relax. This aero-hotel is stuffed with everything from a traditional hotel but with the additional view of the runway and platform of Teuge airport. You will only spend $461 for a single night to be a part of this amazing hotel.

Costa Verde Aero-Hotel

This is a jumbo hotel suite nestled in the National Park in Costa Verde II. This aero-hotel is perched on a 50 foot pedestal that provides an amazing view of the ocean and lush jungle. This place provides great comfort and keeps you away from the daily tension while providing peace of mind. At only $350 per night, this option is not so expensive. It is worth it to be a part of this hotel suite.

Jumbo Stay

The Jumbo Stay in Sweden is a wonderful and desirable place to live. This is a first ever hostel that provides an amazing experience. Part of the Boeing has also been converted to a museum. For only $53 per night, this option is easily the most affordable. This place is a great centre of attraction for visitors.