5 All-time Worst Jobs in the World


You thought you had the worst job ever, but wait until you get a load of some of the things people will do for money. You are sure to realize you don’t have it half as bad as you think you do. Maybe you will finish reading this and realize you have the best job in the world. Though you may not want to go THAT far, you will certainly realize it isn’t nearly as horrible at your job you may have been thinking. Here we will talk briefly about the five worst jobs of all time. Maybe you will even pat yourself on the back for taking that fry-guy position at McDonald’s.

1. Safari Monkey Chaser


This might sound like a lot of fun to some of you, but for anyone who has ever gotten a handful of monkey-poop in the face you will likely pass on this ‘executive’ position. The gist of the entire job was for a guy name Marin to cage-up on a vehicle equipped with nothing more than a stick. With this stick he chases the monkeys and keeps them from escaping by clinging to the vehicle and cage. What fun!




  1. well working in a cinema isn’t that bad… it is actually fun however if you only do the toilets then yes it is a pretty nasty job but for the rest… cleaning the theater rooms… naah not really

  2. The people who wrote this have no idea what really bad jobs are. For example the construction workers in Saudi Arabia, who work 16h a day for very little money (basically they are slaves) would be happy to work as a janitor or sewer cleaner.

  3. When I was younger, I use to clean out a drive-in for my girlfriends father. It’s probably what ended the business of drive-ins in LA.