5 Best Female Boxers Ever


It is a fact that the initial boxing match that involved female contenders occurred during 1876, but it would not be permitted by the majority of leading organizations under licensing agencies until the later part of the 1980s. The first country to ever eradicate the ban on female amateur boxing would be Sweden during 1988. Eventually this development would catch on as other countries – America included – would promote the sport and enable it to build up world appreciation and exposure. The height of this global recognition for female boxing would come during the Olympic Games of 2012. Although the history is short for women in boxing, there have been a few that may be bound to become legendary fighters.

1. Mia St. John


This female contender began boxing professionally in 1997, won her first bout during the first round in just 54 seconds and did so with a knock-out. Mia was able to blend in her combating ability with marketing insight, was able to accumulate a domain which incorporated both commercial and TV appearances, a physical fitness DVD, a PlayStation game and even her championship titles. Mia St. John had a lengthy professional livelihood and continued to be tenacious even after her title loss during 2002 to Christy Martin. She was however able to seek vengeance for it during 2012 when she was 45 years of age. St. John retired with 18 Knock Outs and a record of 47-11-2 after she won the WBC Championship of the Word for Super Welterweight.






  1. Cecilia Brækhus is the best female boxer throughout the boxinghistory pound-for-pound, and is undefeated, and the ONLY female boxer to have all official and unofficial belts in one weightclass. This is bullshit.

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  3. That picture is NOT Lucia Rijker. Idiots of this site….. She is by far the best female boxer ever and Christie Martin and Laila Ali were afraid to fight her.

  4. Lucia Rijker was completely unbeatable by any female boxer who ever lived. Christy Martin ducked her for years, Leila Ali refused to fight her.