5 Deadliest Martial Arts


With so many types of martial arts, some of them are about function and others more about form. But the bottom line comes down to the fact that many of them could be deadly, as they are typically about combat moves. It will come down to the street fighting techniques instead of tournament exhibitions that are more commonly dangerous. Below are five deadly forms of martial arts.

1. Eskrima


This is a Filipino martial art that is sometimes spelled, Escrima and incorporates bare hands, knives and sticks that are used to beat a rival. It’s fashioned particularly for close range and focuses mainly on flow disarming weapons and simple moves. This type of martial art is placed into the form-over-function classification as the contemporary modifications stress focus on aspects that are dance-like. But with that being said, don’t let the aspect of the dance in it fool you. When the Spanish came to invade the Philippines, Eskrima was outlawed as they saw it as too hazardous.





  1. Brazilian Jui Jitsu did not come from Japanese Judo. It came from Japanese Jui Jitsu which is much more deadly as it incorporates striking as well as grappling. Get your facts right.

    • Get yours right first. Judo came from jujutsu (correct spelling). Judo was brought to Brasil by Kodokan guys who were ground fighting experts. The Gracies modified it a bit. Original judo had strikes as well but got lost when it became mostly a sport. In the 1920’s when judo was introduced to Brasil it was still close to it’s original form.

  2. Brazilian jiu-jitsu was formed from Kodokan Judo ground fighting (newaza) fundamentals that were taught to Carlos Gracie and Luis França by Mitsuyo Meada and Soshihiro Satake.Mitsuyo Maeda is considered the Father of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

  3. Kasper is completely correct. There is no “Deadliest Art”. Every style has it’s weaknesses and every artist has theirs. What it all comes down to is proficiency and adaptability.

    • Krav Maga is designed to disable or kill the opponent in the most economical method available. It’s a military-derived fighting method, as opposed to an “art” like many martial arts. If you want a style that’s effective and focuses on economy of movement, that’d be your style. Most studios you find in the US though, are focused on civilian Krav Maga, which is toned down quite a bit from what the ISF and Mossad learn. That being said, I also have a friend who was the US national champion in Arnis (Eskrima) back about 15 years ago. It’s not something you ever, ever want to come up against in a fight.

      • I am a Criminology student here in Philippines, in our PE classes we mix krav maga, jui jitsu and Arnis, it’s hard but it’s worth it if you train yourself well

  4. lmao escrima first on list are you kidding me? did a filipino wrote this article? thats so dumb… how shit can be on list at all, it supposed to be bare hands no fucking weapons from some tiny fags take weapons from them what they gonna do ? cry

  5. the deadliest martial art is Keyboard Fu: the deadly art of sarcastically attacking anything you say, ninja style, jerk.