5 Most Dangerous UFC Fighters


Within the UFC the most damaging fighters to date are those individuals that present the largest potential of administering some significant harm to an opponent. As well, the most dangerous are also those that put agony and carnage as their goal when they step into the ring. It doesn’t matter whether these fighters always achieve victory or not, as they tend to be incredibly callous and extreme, with names that instill crippling dread into the hearts of the adversary when their names are even mentioned.

1. Alistair Overeem


There is no way you can put together a most damaging UFC fighters’ list without including one with brute force and heavyweight capabilities. Hounslow, England’s 6 foot 5 and 256 pound native Alistair Overeem happens to be the largest, most powerful and aesthetically-frightening challenger anyone can come across in the ring. But can you imagine a fighter like this not possessing the ability of high skills, but rather the unsettling capacity to detect your dread? Nearly every victory won by Overeem has been through deterrent. In several of his fights he has managed to screw up the opponents so much that the fight was stopped by a medical professional.


UFC 141: Lesnar v Overeem




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  1. No Velasquez, Mighty Mouse or Aldo? And Overeem and Wandy should not be on a UFC list, both were immense Pride fighters, but they have done little in the UFC to warrant being on that list.