5 Most Hated Individuals Online Today


Everyone is on there, but not everyone is loved. As a matter of fact there are a number of people who are regular figureheads on the web who no one can stand. Yet these same people continue to draw a crowd in their virtual reality. While it is closely akin to watching a car wreck many claim that, while they cannot stand the individuals below, they continue to grab attention and hold on tight. Here are the five most disliked people on the Internet, as well as a bit about how they earned such recognition.
The 5 Most Despised Individuals Online Today

1. Justin Bieber: Virtual Pariah?


He started out like a runaway freight train, wooing pre-pubescent girls all over the world with his shaggy hair and wholesome ‘boy-next-door’ looks. It didn’t hurt that he had talent, either, but when they start out so young in the business mistakes are made. As of late Justin has made an entire batch of them, and now he is more of a viral laughingstock than he is a sensation. He is trying to rectify himself through a commercial modeling contract for underwear, but he is getting more flack than he bargained for. Chin up, Beebs. Be tough and pull through; after all, you do have the skills.



  1. Oh my God! Those kids need a rude awakening and to be treated the same way they treated that women! I would love to see how they would respond then. I would like each of those boy’s to be treated individually the same way, NO friends, or anyone to help them, to be called names and be ridiculed, and made fun of. What would they do then?