5 Strangest Religions in Existence


Everyone has a belief system of one sort or another, even if they don’t believe in anything at all. While most religions resemble each other in dynamic in some way, there are those which stand out starkly from the rest because of their differences. Here we will take a good look at five of these religions, stemming from around the globe. So off the beaten track, they are, that you may find your mind boggled. Here are

1. Cosmic People of Light Powers (Universe People)


This religion is rooted in the Czech and Slovak culture, and was established during the 1990s with the involvement of Ivo Benda. Benda supposedly had direct communication with alien life forms, or extra-terrestrial, beings, as did others involved in the movement. This was said to have taken place on a telepathic basis in 1997. They subsequently claimed to have had direct contact with the beings, with communication taking place face to face.
This is the most prominent of the UFO-based religions out of the Czech Republic. Prior to 1997 there was the ‘Heaven’s Gate’ sect, which conducted a mass suicide that year. Universe People got a lot of attention from the media because their beliefs were very similar to the Heaven’s Gate group. Since 2004 it seems that the peril of another such scene had disappeared, and the group even managed to address the public through the media.


Benda says a group of aliens are orbiting the Earth, and has even named their leader as being Ashtar Sheran. They are constantly watching and helping us, and will take those found worthy into another dimension. The doctrine contains a combination of principles, including some from Christianity.