5 Typical Sex Myths That Are False


Considering the astonishing amount of sex myths that are still prevalent in many cultures today, it is incredible how anyone is still managing to have enjoyable love lives and with safety to boot. Many of these myths have ranged from strongly theorized impressions that while standing a woman can’t get pregnant or during the first time, as well as the strange notion that orgasms make a woman fall deeply in love.

The latter trail of thought suggests that a man could have an orgasm during intercourse and have zero involvement or implications on an emotional level, but hormonal activity is inspired through orgasms in women that automatically make them emotionally attached to their sex partner. But fortunately the majority of people no longer fall for such old wives’ tales, but that still leaves room for the teenagers who have lacked education on such topics and do fall for these myths. This can be disastrous because it can have damaging consequences which lead to the contraction of unplanned pregnancies or even STIs.

In all reality, it was between the years 2006 – 2008 when 1/3 of American teenagers were reported to be lacking formal education regarding contraceptives, and at the same time there were one in four between the ages of 15 – 19 that accepted abstinence education with no instructions about birth control. The following information will debunk five of the common or still-presumed misconceptions about sex and the impacts of that which range from unplanned pregnancies to the lack of intercourse enjoyment.

1. Men are more interested in sex than women


One of the most popular and pitiful myths going around is that men are naturally far more obsessed with sex than women are. This is not true at all however, and if it were then this would be bad news for both sexes. This would mean most women aren’t interested in intercourse and that they only take part in it to please their partner. During 2013 there was a book entitled “What Do Women Want?” by journalist Daniel Bergner. Escapades from the Science of Female Desire had discovered that as a whole, women desire sex just as much as men do, as stated by the works of numerous sexologists that profiled and studied.

Typically conversing, every study showed in their conclusions that women not only crave intercourse more than suspected, but a woman’s sex drive is “not, for the most part, sparked or sustained by emotional intimacy and safety.” Plainly stated, a woman’s sex drive is in fact much closer to the popular perception to that of a man’s sex drive than their own. Cultural conditioning may be to blame for much of this myth, as it is frequently seen as “forward” or perhaps even a taboo conception for a woman to go after men instead of the other way around. Unfortunately the concept of “slut shaming” still goes on today.



  1. So, in other words, straight guys either need to get ripped and get a masters degree in women’s pleasure, go gay, or just never expect to be in a serious relationship