5 Wild Restaurant Challenges All Across The World


A lot of restaurants specialize in their own signature dishes. Some of these eateries, in America and in other countries, are so proud of their signature dishes that they will prepare a massive number of these dishes and then host an event where they invite guests to their restaurant and “challenge” them to eat as much of the signature dish as they are able. People from all across the globe visit these particular restaurants in order to take a shot at these wild food challenges. If they happen to be victorious, they win a big boost to their pride and their own section on a restaurant wall of fame.

Each of these restaurant challenges share a common factor: those who participate are required to consume an outrageous amount of food, and sometimes they must do so within a limited amount of time. However, these challenges are not all exactly the same. For instance, in the city of St. Petersburg, FL, a place called the Inferno Soup at Nitally’s Thai-Mex Cuisine challenges its contestants to gulp down a gigantic 48-ounce bowl full soup that is insanely spicy (with 12 different hot peppers from all across the globe) in half-an-hour, and in Manchester, CT, a place called Randy’s Wooster Street Pizza challenges its partakers to consume a stuffed pizza that is so huge in size that the amount of toppings cannot be listed.

5) Papa Bob’s Bar-B-Que in Kansas City, KS


The vicinity of Kansas City is popular for its barbecue specialties, and this place takes it to another level with the “Ultimate Destroyer Challenge.” It consists of an enormous sandwich made on a 12-inch hoagie bun. It includes: ½ lb. pulled pork, ½ lb. hickory-smoked ham, ½ lb. hickory-smoked sliced pork, ½ lb. hickory-smoked turkey breast, ½ lb. smoked brisket, 3 ½ lb. hickory-smoked hamburgers, smoked barbecue sausages, and whole lot of sauce. It also comes with 1 ½ lbs. fries and 4 whole pickles. If you are successful, your picture will be on Papa Bob’s Wall of Fame. You will also receive and “I survived the Ultimate Destroyer” button, a Papa Bob’s t-shirt and, of course, bragging rights.