6 Nail Houses Homeowners Who Wouldn’t Take the Bait to Sell


Some people simply can’t be bought, regardless of the amount of money they are offered. They say everybody has their price, but the following home and property owners have made it a point to disprove this theory by simply putting their foot down and saying ‘NO’. Here are six property sales hold-outs that, while they may seem insane, don’t really care how it seems for any reason; read on.

1. Farm at Narita Airport in Japan


These Japanese die-hards mean business! Owners of a farm situated almost right in the middle of Narita Airport simply refuse to sell, and even though the property is located annoyingly close to the runway, making for a rumbling night’s sleep, the stick it out anyway. It is reported that more than ninety planes either land or take off per day at this airport, putting out a sound which ranks in at over one-hundred decibels. This can easily be compared to the sound one would hear standing beneath an elevated train track when the train is passing over. This makes us wonder how these people can possibly stand the racket!
Initially, the Japanese government attempted to exercise eminent domain to get the people at the farm to sell and move so the airport could be built, which resulted in very lengthy court battles. The result was the airport being built around the farm, with only one runway instead of the intended three.




    • Where do you see a third runway? I see two. One southwest and one northeast of the terminals. The farm is in the same place it is in the included pictures, just northeast of the terminals, right at the end of the runway. You can see how the had to reroute the taxiways strangely to go around it.