8 Great Science Experiments For Children (Video)


Teaching kids about the wonders of science is a great way to help kindle their curiosity and get them thinking. In fact, children who are introduced to science at a young age tend to do better in school as they get older.
There are numerous chemicals and products in your own home that make it easy to create fascinating experiments that are sure to educate and entertain.
Below are eight outstanding science experiments that you and your child can preform.

1. Build A Lava Lamp


For this experiment you will need salt, water, a cup of vegetable oil,food coloring, and a big jar.

You take the big jar and fill it 2/3 of the way full of water. After doing this you need to add the vegetable oil, it will float on the water. Next, pour in some food coloring. And finally, add a teaspoon of salt.

While oil floats on water, salt grains pull the oil particles down to the bottom of the jar. Than, once the salt dissolves, the oil floats back to the surface. It’s a good experiment and one that every child is sure to love.

2. Create A Homemade Rainbow


To do this experiment you need to fill a large container (like a big bowl) full of water. You also need a sheet of white paper, a flashlight, and a mirror.

Once you have your tools, put the mirror at the bottom of the water filled container. Then shine your flashlight into the mirror so that the light reflects onto the white paper. This will cause a rainbow to appear on the sheet of paper.

When light passes through the water all of the “component colors” are individually separated. This makes them show up distinctly when you reflect them onto a piece of paper.