A Child Needed a Friend; Mom Cried When a Dog Approached


There is a strong belief that every person who walks the planet Earth should be able to witness and experience the joy of having a pet at least one time within their respective lies. It’s hard for anything else to match it, in all honesty. Not even a group of your closest human friends can match the ability of going home after a long day and having a best friend to cuddle with while lying on the couch at night.
Your friends are not likely going to lick your face as an alarm clock the next morning, which does honestly work. Your friends aren’t always going to go to sleep on your head. Granted, you will find a partner you fall in love with and build a relationship, but a pet – especially a dog – brings something different.
Which is why the following story about a young boy needing a friend is a perfect story to share about why having a pet is so important to bring happiness – even in the toughest of times.
There once was a young boy who was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome named Herman, one who was having a hard time being able to make friends at his school. Herman would get so upset when he would come home that it was upsetting his mother every day. But it turns out Herman’s yellow Labrador retriever, Himalaya, was upset as well.


One day, the boy sat outside of the house feeling extremely saddened as Himalaya walked up to him and made his best effort to make him happy. Mom watched from a distance – taking pictures with her mobile phone – how the dog approached her son and it eventually led to her turning the phone on as a video camera.