Amazing blue river


Petermann Glacier in GreenlandThe effects of global warming can be seen all around the world, from the melting of the icecaps to any number of natural disasters, but one of the most curious and interesting results of global warming can be seen in Greenland, where the Petermann Glacier has started to melt, and the result is beautiful but also pretty eerie.

blue-river-5Due to the glacial melting of Petermann Glacier a gorgeous blue river has appeared and scientists are concerned that it is not natural and just the first signs of global warming on the glacier. Also, before this river formed a huge chunk of the iceberg fell off of the iceberg, minimizing the volume of the glacier by 10% and also minimizing the mass of it by 25%. Even though it is a terrible result of global warming, it also brings many tourists to the area. Three researchers, in collaboration with Greenpeace, found the river while researching the effects of global warming on the Petermann Glacier for three months. The river was named ‘Blue River’ due to its beautiful blue color.

blue-river-4The amazing color of the river actually comes from glacial silt. Glacial silt has also been known to be called ‘Rock Flour’ or ‘Stone Dust’, which helps create the blue color seen in the Blue River of Greenland.

blue-river-3The Blue River of Greenland is indeed beautiful, but it also very disconcerting if you think about it. It is an unnatural river and honestly, shouldn’t be there. Global warming is very serious and should not be taken lightly, as the unnatural effects of global warming are seen every day by the people of the world. Although, that doesn’t mean that the people of Greenland don’t enjoy it, and also specifically go out of their way to see it with their own eyes. It seems that Greenland may have found itself a brand new landmark and even a tourist destination as well.