Baby Got Back: This Artist Is Using Photoshop To Give Celebrities A Curvalicious Makeover


13. Carly Rae Jepsen


14. Hilary Duff


15. Emma Watson


16. Karen Gillan




  1. I’m sorry, but pretty much all of these are not “curvy”. They are fat. Curves and folds/rolls are NOT the same thing. Yes, there is nothing wrong with curves, but being over weight is unhealthy! Just like being too skinny is unhealthy! And plea don’t say I think skinny is better. Believe me, I don’t. I AM skinny, and I hate it, but I struggle to put on weight, but get put down by girls the size of these photoshops saying that I am ugly and unnatural and they are healthy and sexy and are “real” women. Uhhhh… no. It’s not healthy, and it doesn’t make you better than me. Stop putting down skinny/slim people just to feel better about yourself.

    • Don’t let these BBW get you down, those fat,unfit,lazy bbw’s are jealous of you. Skinny is sexier than fat. as long as you work out fit and skinny is much better than fat.

        • Dont worry about you body size hun and dont read all these hate comment on which body type is ‘better” be who you want to be x

  2. Glorifying an unhealthy life style and body weight is wrong! Fat is not sexy, its unhealthy and it leads to all sorts of conditions that the government and tax payers have to pay to fix. Being overweight means you are lazy and have no self control and above all you are too selfish to realise that when your in hospital because you have arthritis, heart disease, breathing difficulty etc, you are using up money and time of hospital staff over something you could have easily prevented. GRRRRR I HATE THE PRO FAT MOVEMENT

  3. Ladies you all glow and fine to boot girls. I wish all a fine life and keep them smiles brightly yes sir.. You just be you.. You hear.. Kisses and hugs and ice cream…
    Fat you say ? I say more to love. That’s your shoe size talking…hater..