Born Fighters: the 25 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds


While “man’s best friend” has been living as a domesticated animal for some time, over time certain breeds have emerged as more aggressive than others. Some dogs have been bred for fighting because of their personality, anatomy, or size and over time these dogs have evolved into fighting machines. From dogs bred to kill lions, to dogs with wolf-blood in their veins, here are the 25 most aggressive breeds in the world.

25. Tosa Inu


This dog is one of the larger breeds on our list; a full-grown male can weigh up to 200 pounds and be as tall as 32 inches. The Tosa Inu was bred as a fighting dog, and continues to be used as a guard dog because of its aggressive nature and size. In fact, owning one is actually restricted by law in some countries because of its aggressive nature.

24. American Bandogge


Known for its brute strength, this dog came about when a breeder decided to cross a Neapolitan Mastiff and an American Pitbull terrier. This dog’s muscled body and strong jaw have made it a favorite fighting dog.

23. Cane Corso


This dog is the modern descendant of dogs bred by the ancient Romans as a fighting dog. To disorient and confuse their enemies, they would unleash packs of these dogs that had been trained especially for war. It’s no wonder that this dog, which can reach 150 lbs, found its way onto our list.

22. Bull Terrier


This dog’s signature head makes it immediately recognizable. This terrier, though one of the smaller dogs on our list, has one of the greatest muscle-to-bodyweight ratio, making it a dangerous breed for anyone that it decides to attack.

21. Rhodesian Ridgeback


This dog was bred as a lion-hunting dog. It was trained to distract a menacing lion while its owner would prepare the fatal shot for the giant cat. While these dogs are very intelligent, they can also have an overdeveloped sense of protectiveness which can make them dangerous to strangers



  1. If I were any one of these sweet dogs, I would want to aggressively attack the ignorant author or this pathetically researched article for putting a bad reputation out there! I have personal experience with about half of these wonderful dogs who are not the slightest bit aggressive unless they have specifically been trained to be by an idiot owner, therefore, I cannot trust that the other dogs mentioned are aggressive either! I was once denied the opportunity to even look at a rental property because my precious husky was on a list such as this! You should be ashamed of yourself for spreading such a vicious, unfounded rumor about these beautiful creatures on the internet!!!!! Why didn’t you have the stones to put your name on this piece of trash that you published! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    • THANK…YOU! I am the owner of 3 pit mixes. Hell, one is a pit/German Rottweiler mix and they are protective but not necessarily aggressive. And the locking jaw comment on pits is an outright lie. All 3 are the most loving dogs I could want. Diesel (pit/lab) is just a fat little pushover. Sasha (pit/rott) is goofy as she can be, more clown than anything. And Zeke (pit/boxer) is just as laid back as he can be. I mean “pothead” laid back. I am meaner than any of my dogs. Now, that being said, Sasha and Diesel are protective. They aren’t territorial. The territory is mine. I am the boss and they respect that, but I wouldn’t suggest coming into our yard running off at the mouth, getting too loud. A neighbor tried that one about a year ago. He got a bit too loud talking to my wife and when he looked up at the house, Diesel was staring at him thru the window.

  2. you’re an idiot, most dogs become aggressive because of their training to it by asshole owners and the environment they live in, most aggression shown by theses dogs are due to fear or protective instincts…your article is proof of the narrow minded thinking of the uninformed…..

  3. What a bunch of shite! For years, I have rescued German Shepherds and Rottweilers, and have found them intelligent, easy to train, and affectionate. My son rescued a Malamute and Husky, and my cousin rescues Boxers. None of us has had issues of aggression, or other inappropriate behaviour.
    Why do you insist on perpetuating these sensational stories/lies???

  4. No such thing as a locking jaw what a bunch of bull and the bite isn’t as strong as you think, a Kangal dog has a bite force of 700psi – Pitbull – 235psi (no lockjaw people) Rottweiler – Bite force 328, Mastiff – Bite force 556 – German Shepard – Bite force 238 Wolfe hybrids – 400 + psi Regardless any dog can be dangerous if not properly socialized, if you don’t have time don’t get one, and definitely don’t get a dog for the wrong reasons, it’s not an object it’s a family member, if you wanna look tuff go work out