Brutal Female Bodyguards Training in China


Criminals beware! You are not going to believe who the new crime fighters are. In Beijing, China there are numerous Body Guard Schools popping up and a small percentage of women trying to get in for training as, of all things; bodyguards. As the wealth grows in China the wealthy executives grow and the need for more body guards increase. Not only are the wealthy executives growing, but the wealthy female executives are growing. 30% of the millionaires in China are female and need bodyguards not only for themselves, but for their children, too.


Female executives are more interested in female bodyguards, therefore there are more and more females applying to Body Guard Schools as the demand grows. The females showing up look small and delicate, but they are anything but delicate. About 80% of the women are x-military and the rest are students who are getting into the newest trend of being a body guard.


These women may look small and delicate; but they are actually tough and agile. They are very impressive in standing up for their right to defend not only themselves but to defend whoever hires them. They have the added ability to disguise themselves as secretaries and personal assistants to anyone who hires them.


The eight month course of body guard training is tough and grueling, but they don’t complain, they just keep enduring the pace. The women take survivalist training courses as well as many different types of martial art training. The training includes: endurance training, weight training, and many different fighting styles, but there is also training in business etiquette, escorting skills, reconnaissance training and language.


Endurance and stamina training involves, being slapped (because slapping is part of the executive way), having glass bottles hit over their heads, being walked on by others (the female lays on the ground and the instructors and everyone else walk on their stomach), being tied up and blindfolded, to see if they can get out of it by themselves, and lying on the beach while the surf rolls over them. Of course, martial arts training include wrestling, attacks with guns and knives, as well as surprise attacks from behind, and all by men who are larger and stronger than the female. This is where agility outweighs strength.


Training in business etiquette involves how to treat those people, male and female, in higher ranking positions than their boss, or even their own undercover positions. It also has to do with how to eat with elegance and decorum. Language training, of course, involves learning different aspects of the Chinese language as well as the languages used around the world. The reconnaissance training involves learning what to look for in their surroundings to find and stop up and coming problems as well as anyone or anything that is a danger to their boss and the boss’s family.