Child-Kitten Share Bond as Each Lost an Arm



For many of us, we can remember our first family pet that was with us during the early parts of our childhood. Whether it’s a dog or cat, they’re more than a pet; they act as a companion, someone to play with and the first ever best buddy. It’s also common for the family pet to be the source of comfort through tough times.


That was the same for Scarlette Tipton, of California, when she was an infant dealing with some adversity early in her life – the perfect time to be given her first pet. It turns out her new kitten and herself had a lot more in common than being adorable. Scarlette was born with a rare type of cancer that caused her left arm to swell and be in constant amounts of pain in a form that was so rare, she is the only person on record through the world to have it.


When she was just eight months old, she had a number of surgeries, blood transfusions and other medical exams that split her first few months between hospital stays and being at home with her family. Luckily, the organization Smiles for Scarlette was helping her family cover the costs involved in her fight with cancer.


However, she had to have her arm amputated at the only 10 months of age. Despite the result, she never lost the smile commonly found on her face that brighten the mood for the family and all of the hospital staff that had become so familiar with little Scarlette. After the amputation, Scarlette made a full recovery, given the full bill of health and has now been able to live without any cancer for more than a year.