Crystal Meth Used to be sold in shops



Crystal Meth is a drug widely known as a dangerous drug, from which excessive intake can cause the feeling of getting high. This has a negative connotation due to drug abuse. What most people did not know is that crystal meth was invented by a Japanese pharmacologist as a over the counter medicine. Most people are not aware of the dangers of this drug because this was dated back to 1919. This drug was used to keep people alert and to suppress their appetite. Giving these properties, this drug was widely utilized during World War II. At that time this was sold to soldiers and even workers with the medicine name of Philopan or Hiropan. The Japanese were not aware of the harmful effects or prolong intake of the drugs at that time. It was continually sold over the counter up until death, psychosis and other side effects are seen. Eventually it was banned not only in Japan but worldwide. The people abused the wonderful and positive benefits of crystal meth which led to branding it as a dangerous drug.