Jobs You Won’t Believe Once Famous Actors Have Now!


16. Dylan Sprouse


Twin Brothers Dylan and Cole Sprouse were child actors who grew up in front of the camera – featured in a number of TV series together before Dylan went solo, starring in Disney’s series “Life of Zack and Cody”. Dylan then gave up acting to focus on his education – returning to the Gallatin School of Individualized Study to become a video game designer. Today he is a successful game designer with his own YouTube channel.

17. Jeff Cohen


Much to the delight of Kid’s in the early 90’s, Jeff Cohen is the actor who made the “Truffle Shuffle” popular in the hit movie “Goonies”. Following this he went back to school with every intention of returning to Hollywood later. However, when he went to college to get a media degree he decided to become a lawyer, and today he combines the two interests, running his own entertainment law firm Cohen and Gardner.

18. Steven Seagal


Although technically retired from the silver screen, actor Steven Seagal still manages the occasional appearance in a low budget Hollywood film. And as a reservist Deputy Sherriff in Louisiana in the 90’s, Seagal performed his duties for three seasons on a reality TV show. In addition to being an Aikido Master, he actually did graduate from the Louisiana Police Academy and could make this a legitimate career.

19. Kel Mitchel


When Mitchel’s role on the hit TV show “Good Burger Roll” ended, his life fell apart. He went deeply in debt, his wife left him, and he took up drinking to deal with his depression. With the help of friend and co-star Kenan Thompson he entered rehab, emerging to go on an become a recording technician. Today the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show regularly features “The Good Burger Roll” as a comic segment.

20. Karyn Parsons

In the 1990’s Parsons was known for her role as Hilary Banks alongside Will Smith on the hit TV comedy “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. When the show ended she went on to star in one hit movie and then retired from acting altogether. She became a defense attorney an worked diligently for 15 years before founding a non-profit organization which focuses on the protection of rights for African American women. In her less glamorous life outside of Hollywood she also went on to have two children and find true happiness in work she loves.