Grab the Tissues for These Wonderful Animal Rescue Transformations That Saved Lives


Animals are called man’s best friend for a reason, but sometimes, man does not treat his or her best friend as that friend needs to be treated. Unfortunately, there are many different forms of animal abuse from keeping your pup caged up in a small space to neglecting your pup and not feeding him or her.
All animals can be abused from a reptile to a four-legged furry friend. While sometimes humanity ceases to amaze us, there are some wonderful human beings out there that go the extra mile to protect and heal the poor fur babies who have been abused.
Let’s take a look at some amazing animal rescue transformations that are sure to have you reaching for a tissue quicker than you can read the story.

1. Left for Dead by Her Owners


Tink is a beautiful Pitbull who was unfortunately the victim of animal abuse. This poor pup was left for dead by here owners, but was saved and is now living a happy and healthy life with her loving family.

2. Severe Injuries to Her Front Paws


Valentine is a beautiful German Shepherd who did not have the best life. In fact, this pup was found with severe injuries to both of her front paws. These injuries were treated and wrapped up with bandages to help prevent infection.
A wonderful family adopted this pup and she has completely recovered and loves her new home that shows her plenty of attention.