Interesting facts about the SR-71 Blackbird



Back in the late 1950s where the Cold War was at its peak, the US was planning the creation of a top-secret aircraft. It led to the creation of the Blackbird which never became obsolete until this day. As a response to the request for a tactical reconnaissance aircraft, Lockheed Skunk Works were the first to provide a splendidly sweeping design. It was basically an aircraft with an airframe that can reach velocities up to Mach 3.5 as well as leaving a low cross-radar signature that will make it difficult to spot in the radar.


The titanium required for the aircraft was bought from Soviet Union in which the C.I.A created a number of cover-up companies just to make the transaction possible. The Blackbird was made out of titanium while the rest are superior quality composite materials. The pilots flying the Blackbird were required to wear pressurized flight suits in order to withstand the low atmospheric pressure as well as the lack of oxygen when flying at high altitudes. Due to the absence of computerized equipment in the 1960s, the cockpit of the Blackbird was analog.