Teen’s Invention Could Charge Your Phone in 20 Seconds


Technology and creativity lead to the new inventions every day. One young scientist, Eesha Khare, has invented a revolutionary technology that will charge your phone in just 20 seconds. This is a great invention and won her the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award at the age of 18. Research is a passion for her, and made her invent this technology. The $50,000 award money secured her admission to Harvard University. Meanwhile, her parents are also very proud on her success.

Eesha developed a super capacitor that is an energy storage device. This device can store a lot of energy in just a short amount of time. This fast-charging device requires very little space, charges quickly, and can hold its charge for long time. This super capacitor has many more advantages over regular batteries. This development also led Eesha to an interest in nanotechnology that will no doubt lead to to other future inventions. Her dream is to create more inventions that will help the people in future.
Generally people search for the charging stations or outlets to charge their cell phone batteries, but this invention revolutionizes the simple act of charging a battery. You can charge your phone within seconds and it will stay charged for up to several days. This small capacitor fits in cell phones and other electronic gadgets to free people from charging their gadgets for hours. The mechanism is so flexible that it can be used in roll up displays as well. Research is still ongoing to make this product more useful and innovative for people. This is only the beginning, and there will be a lot more innovations to come.


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