The 15 Most Bone-Crushing Olympic Games Injuries Of All-Time (Video)


Olympians, they’re strong, tough, and some of Earth’s greatest athletes. That’s why it’s always shocking to see them get hurt.
These mishaps and injuries are so jarring that they often become the most memorable moments in any Olympic event. People remember legs breaking, arms snapping, and heads getting smashed.
Because of this we’re taking a look at the 15 worst wounds ever inflicted during the Olympics.

1. Kerri Strug Tears Her Tendons


In the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, American athlete Kerri Strug competed in the pole vault.
During her first event she landed roughly, limping off the mat. This caused concern and medical experts examined Strug’s injuries. As it turned out, she’d torn the tendons in her ankle.
Despite this major injury Strug continued to compete. She jumped again, this time landing perfectly and winning the Gold Medal.
As soon as she was done with her event, Strug’s was rushed to the hospital for treatment and eventually recovered.

2. Lazaro Borges’ Pole Vault Disaster


Although Cuban pole vaulter Lazaro Borges didn’t make any mistakes, he was a victim of faulty equipment.
While in mid vault, Borges’ pole snapped in half, sending him tumbling to the mat.
Borges’ wasnt too injured and actually got to try his jump a second time.

3. Stephan Feck Messes Up His Dive And Lands On His Back


While diver Stephan Feck didn’t hurt himself too badly, he did make an embarrassing, and somewhat painful, mistake.
During the 2012 London Olympics, Feck attempted to perform a complex routine.
Unfortunately, he lost his grip and made a series of mistakes. Trying to overcompensate for the grip, he lost all focus on his routine and ended up back-flopping into the pool.