The 20 Most Insane Demands Ever Made By A Superstar Musician


Over the years, several news outlets have leaked secret touring documents from various musicians. These documents are called “tour riders” and they lay out all the terms for an artist to perform at a certain event or venue.
Some of these get pretty crazy.
After doing lots of digging, we came across 20 of the most insane tour riders ever created by a mainstream superstar musician.
Here’s each artist’s demands:

1. Beyoncé


“Queen B” is very demanding. While some of her requests make sense, others aren’t as logical.
Beyoncé’s contract calls for her dressing room to be kept at exactly 78 degrees, juicy baked chicken legs with extra seasoning, and four brand new white towels.
She also has a contractual obligation to Pepsi that prevents her from drinking any Coke products. As a result, Coca Cola isn’t allowed backstage.

2. Adele


These are some interesting demands.
Adele asks for a variety of odd things, including six metal teaspoons and a pack of Marlboro Light cigarettes.
She also bans organic honey from being served to her and wants a plate of individually wrapped chicken sandwiches backstage at every show.

3. Kanye West


Best known for his crazy antics, Kanye West’s demands fit his personality.
The rap legend calls for plenty of alcohol as well as a slushy machine that will mix Coca-Cola with Hennessy.
West also demands numerous hard liquors and four six packs of Heineken beer.

4. Rihanna


Pop singer Rihanna has a lot of demands that deal with decorations.
She requires her dressing room have blue or black drapes accented with “icy-blue chiffon.” And there has to be an animal-print throw rug on the floor.
Rihanna also wants Archipelago Black Forest candles backstage at all her shows.